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Payment Inquiry My past 2017-05-08 2017-05-08 Reply Completed
Payment Inquiry мой заказ 2017-05-08 2017-05-08 Reply Completed
Item Inquiry posters and tube 2017-03-07 2017-03-07 Reply Completed
Etc Order placed 2017-04-18 2017-04-18 Reply Completed
Order(Shipping) Inquiry Shipping!!??. 2017-01-29 2017-01-31 Reply Completed
Item Inquiry BTS You Never Walk Alone Bulk Order 2017-01-25 2017-01-25 Reply Completed
Service Improvement Order 2017-01-09 2017-01-10 Reply Completed
Order(Shipping) Inquiry Track list no details in post office 2016-12-26 2016-12-27 Reply Completed
Item Inquiry Tube for poster. 2016-11-02 2016-11-02 Reply Completed
Etc Choice member 2016-10-30 2016-10-31 Reply Completed
Order(Shipping) Inquiry Did not recieve package 2016-10-23 2016-10-25 Reply Completed
Order(Shipping) Inquiry CANCEL ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2016-10-07 2016-10-07 Reply Completed
Item Inquiry SHINee's CD 2016-10-05 2016-10-06 Reply Completed
Etc BTS Wings Album 2016-09-28 2016-09-28 Reply Completed
Item Inquiry Order 2016-09-27 2016-09-28 Reply Completed