Clio Liquid Founwear Cushion

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USD 28.24  
2015-02-04 | GD00016057
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Volume : 30ml
Production Description :
Melts with moisturizing feeling as soon as applied to fit perfectly.
Balm type of foundation that covers skin tightly.
Delicate illumination and transparent cover cover without heavy feeling create the optimum, radiant and illuminating cover without artificial feeling.
Fine and ball-shaped powder fills skin wrinkles to cover skin blemish thinly and smoothly.
Hydrolysed pearl extract with 20 kinds of essential and natural amino acid and mineral with excellent moisturising effect offers moisture and resilience.
Contains pomegranate with wrinkle repair effect to fill wrinkles of the eyes and smile line to create young skin.
Mineral powder complex creates skin coating veil to create fresh skin like makeup just applied.
Ball-shaped powder with excellent sebum control effect absorbs sebum and remains matt condition for hours.
How to use
Pat lightly with an egg puff to create illuminating and flowless skin through uneven skin cover and even tone corrrection.


Intructions for use
1.If you have any symptoms described below when using this product, stop using the product.
If you keep using it, symptoms may get worse; therefore, consult with dermatologist.
1)If red blotch, skin irritation, and stimulation occur.
2)If applied spots have any symptoms mentioned above and are exposed to direct sunlight.

2.Do not use on spots with injury, eczema, or dermatitis.
3.Instructions for storage and handling
1) Close the cap after use.
2) Keep out of reach of infants and children.
3) Do not store in a place with high and low temperature and direct sunlight.
4) Do not use the product in a shaky place.
5) If it contacts with eyes, rinse with running water immediately.


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